Abundant Energy & Healthy Living - Bio-feedback therapy
What is BICOM Bio-feedback or Bioresonance Therapy?
  • Everything vibrates! The earth vibrates, organs vibrate. Liver cells vibrate at a different frequency from kidney cells. Sick tissue vibrates at a different frequency from healthy tissue
  • The Bicom machine picks up these vibrating frequencies (similar to cardiograms (ECGs) used in hospitals for diagnosis)
Bicom allergy testing and allergy treatment using bio-feedback therapy
  • The BICOM device then filters the frequencies into healthy and unhealthy ones 
  • The healthy ones are amplified (boosted)  
  • The unhealthy frequencies are inverted as mirror images 
  • The modified signal is then fed back to the patient’s body
  • This therapy signal resonates with the body’s frequencies in order to stimulate healthy tissue vibrations and to weaken pathogens or allergens
  • What is the BICOM famous for? It is famous for the reduction of allergic reactions. To do this it cancels out the unhealthy frequencies from substances which cause allergies.
  • This means that after a couple of treatments, people can eat foods they were allergic to without getting allergic symptoms.
  • In the same way it can prevent viruses, bacteria and fungi such as Candida from growing and retrains the immune system to it no longer sees allergens as a stress