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What can you use the dōTERRA Oils and Products for?
Did you know that dōTERRA Essential Oils have a daily place in your life, and we encourage you to explore just how you can move to a chemical-free, natural lifestyle. Have you considered natural ways to help you relax? To reduce muscle aches and tension after exercise? Do you want to support your body to cope with stress and anxiety? Are you looking for non toxic cleaning solutions for your home, or looking for natural ways to support your families overall health and well being?

Explore the 101 uses of Essential Oils and the Healthy can be Simple guide. You will be amazed just how much we use Essential Oils every day. Have a look at the various dōTERRA products that can be used to substitute your daily chemicals in your home. So for example, try the On Guard toothpaste, the On Guard cleaning concentrate and foaming hand wash.

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What Essential Oils are
How they can positively impact our lives
  • immune system support
  • sleeping issues
  • stress and anxiety
  • emotional balancing
  • hormones

How to use them (safely)
Some of the "must- have" oils for your family
Why we choose and love doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils and products
The best way to buy your oils

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