Abundant Energy & Healthy Living - How does it work?

How and why does this therapy work?
How do we get sick?
  • The model of homotoxicology supports the belief that illness results from an accumulation of toxins in the body which builds up in connective tissue and blocks the cells ability to receive oxygen, nutrients and energy, and eliminate waste products
  • It also blocks cellular communication and eventually results in the failure of the body’s self-regulatory systems
  • The body's capacity to maintain health is determined by the individuals "resistance" which is the combined effect of the immune system and the detoxification system
  • Imagine the body as an empty barrel at birth. Then, over our lives we are exposed to infections, chemicals and other toxins in the environment, emotional stress, radiation etc.
  • More and more is added to the barrel and it starts to fill up. The regulatory mechanisms in our bodies can usually prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating the stressors but in some people, the barrel overflows and the result is symptoms of illness
Overflowing barrel representing the body's incapacity to deal with toxins resulting in allergies, chronic fatigue, digestive issues
What is the aim of bio-feedback therapy?
  • To restore the body’s self-regulating mechanisms by reducing the toxic load
  • This allows the body to heal itself
How does it do this?
  • Balances organs and systems 
  • Reduces the total load of stress on the body by removing toxic stressors and reactions
  • Triggers the body to release toxins, thereby reducing the strain on the body 
  • Strengthens the elimination organs (liver, kidneys, bowels, skin) and boosts detoxification pathways to allow toxins to be excreted 
How do we know what is stressing the body?
  • We use vials containing the frequencies of different substances or allergens to test against the patient
  • We create a circuit between the patient and the Bicom device, and then introduce the possible allergen into that circuit
  • If there is a reaction (i.e. the substance resonates with the patient), then we know that the body is being stressed by that particular substance. These could be chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, moulds, foods, medications, food additives etc.
Do the results last?
  • Allergen information is stored in water clusters in the connective tissue. Targeted therapy causes these clusters to be broken up and the "allergic" information overridden. The body is thus "retrained" to no longer recognise an allergen, and the usual allergic immune response is not triggered