Abundant Energy & Healthy Living - Karen's story

Karen Scott energy healing
Karen Scott energy healing
Energetic Healer
"I believe anyone can experience improved health and well-being. I won't give up until I find and eliminate the main cause(s) of your health challenges"

I am very excited about the BICOM technology and bio-feedback therapy. 
I first encountered this form of therapy in 2005. I had been suffering from debilitating fatigue for 6 years prior to that. It happened suddenly - I went from being super-fit and healthy, to hardly having the strength to get out of bed, literally overnight. This occurred shortly after a bout of glandular fever and was triggered by an adverse reaction to anti-malarial drugs. I suffered chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive issues and migraines for many years. I was so sick that I was unable to work. Western doctors could not help me and indeed did not even satisfactorily diagnose the cause of my suffering. Luckily for me I stumbled across Bio-feedback therapy while living in New Zealand, and that was the beginning of my journey back to health and I was soon able to return to work. 
Fast forward to 2010. My family and I had been living in Brisbane for 5 years. The stress of a busy lifestyle and career in IT began to take its toll on my health again . I was exhausted! Everything I ate made me sick.  Back to the doctors I went. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and an irregular heart rhythm. All the other tests came back "normal" but I knew something was not right. The medication I was prescribed didn't agree with me so I stopped taking it and instead underwent another course of Bicom Bio-feedback treatments. I was so pleased with getting my health and vitality restored once more that I decided to change careers and help others get well again too. 
I am passionate about Bicom Bio-feedback therapy because I have first-hand experience of it, and that is probably the most valuable tool I have. It also means that I can empathize with people who may be struggling with their own health issues. I know what it feels like to be trapped in a body that doesn't work the way it used to. Very frustrating!
Although I started my working life as an accountant and later became an IT/Management consultant, I have always been motivated by helping other people, and I especially love to share my knowledge. Now as a certified Bicom practitioner and with a qualification in Nutrition, I see my role in a similar light, with an emphasis on educating in the importance of nutritional and environmental health. I see it rather like taking your car for a service and then putting dirty fuel in it. Sooner or later its going to start playing up again. So, I can "tune up" your body with the bio-feedback therapy, but if changes to lifestyle and dietary choices are not made, there is a strong chance of becoming unwell again. I would know - it happened to me! The secret is knowing what it is that you need to change.   

I look forward to working with you on your journey back to health and vitality.
International Bioresonance Practitioners Association certificate for Karen Scott
Internatonal Institute for Complementary Therapists