Abundant Energy & Healthy Living - Testimonials


"Dear Karen
I visited your practice in Lota, suffering from continuous migraines.  I had the most relaxing time in your room, you are very kind and caring, I could have stayed forever. The Bicom machine is so quiet and so powerful with its healing, it’s amazing how quickly you diagnosed my symptoms and then treated me too.  It took a day or two after your treatment, but I’m pleased to say I have not had a migraine since. I’ve had a headache once which came with a head cold, but didn’t hang around.  Thank you for your kindness and most amazing alternative treatments.
Recently I called you to see if you could help me with a stiff neck, sore jaw, ears and a thick head. I was unable to visit you, so you did emotional clearing over the phone.  I believed a lot of my pain, was stress related, which you confirmed and some bacterial infection in my jaw, probably caused some dental work.  With the amazing healing you did on me, my stiff neck has gone, my jaw and ears feel a whole lot better and my thick head is much clearer. Thank you so much, you are amazing." 
D McIvor, Redland City 

"Karen has given me several sessions and over the last 3 months my wellness has increased dramatically.  I put this down to a long term process, of detoxification, avoidance of wifi etc, living in a low EMR home, removal of dental amalgams, dietary improvement and significant weight loss followed by Bicom therapy with Karen.
I can highly recommend Karen as she has been an integral part of my health recovery"
Chandra Easton, QLD [suffered from EMR poisoning]

"I have found Karen's treatments very beneficial for helping me to deal with chronic pain. I had a very traumatic birth 19 months ago that left me with chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder. Karen has helped to deal with the emotional blockages that have then helped to relieve the pain. I am now 90% pain free & feel better than I have done in the last 10 years. The most wonderful aspect of this emotional clearing treatment is that it is available over the phone to those that live outside Brisbane. I fully recommend Karen to those that suffer from chronic pain & past traumatic experiences having proved myself that these treatments works. Please give it a go...you cannot place a price on your emotional & physical well being."
NA, South Island, New Zealand

"I am pleased to recommend Karen Scott as I have found her very passionate about her care for her clients and always ready to "go the extra mile" to help you.
I have suffered from chronic chest infections for over 30 years and was constantly taking antibiotics. However, after I came down with a chest infection, with one treatment from Karen, everything cleared up and I didn't need antibiotics. Amazing!
Karen has also shown me the food allergies I didn't know I had and has been treating them, making me feel a different person with no bloating or stomach pains any longer.
Back pain has also been greatly helped by this treatment.
I would recommend this treatment!"
JS, Brisbane

"Karen provides a thorough and very effective service. We have found her to be a wealth of information and she has helped both myself and my children immensely. I would highly recommend her business. Thanks Karen."
Natalie, Brisbane

"I found Karen's therapy extremely beneficial in pinpointing the root of a health problem that had been puzzling me for years, and effectively dealing with it. The methods she applies are unique in discovering and harmonizing the body's perfect balance. Post-therapy, I have not felt this good for years."
Thanks again Karen,
Stan, Manly West

"On first being referred to Karen Scott I was somewhat sceptical of Bicom therapy. An initial course of six visits along with dramatic relief and improvement in symptoms has convinced me of the medicinal value of electromagnetic therapy in the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Karen helpfully compliments her approach with nutritional advice which I found assisted my overall therapy in a holistic way. I feel completely relaxed and at ease in Karen's care and can only recommend her to others. After taking a little while getting to the bottom of some nasty viruses, I now see Karen for regular "tune-up's", particularly after coming down with a bug or feeling down.  Karen soon gets me back up and running!
I couldn't recommend her more!" 
Marc Cetkowski

"I have been receiving treatments from Karen for the past few months (having been introduced by a colleague), and in doing so I feel like I am now the best person I can be.
Not only am I feeling better, have more energy, improved clarity and have not been sick at all (not even a cold!) since I have started these treatments, but I also very much enjoy going to the appointments. Karen is an incredibly lovely and caring person and it shows in her service and the way she professionally handles her business.

I have experienced severe bloating issues almost all of my life, and Karen has been able to look deeper into the stresses on my body using her Bicom machine, and then correct them using positive energy patterns and detoxes that flow through instruments and magnets that are attached to my body. It is a very relaxing sensation. Karen's service does not stop there. She has also influenced the way I live my life through optional basic nutrition, supplements and chemical-awareness information. Thus increasing the opportunity to live like the best person I can be.

Sore throats is another frequent issue in my life - I visited Karen on the eve of what I knew had all the signs of a tough two weeks ahead dealing with the pain, and just one of Karen's treatments completely sorted me out. I woke up feeling 100%, not even a sore throat!

I fully endorse and respect these new found non-invasive treatments. Karen's treatments will always be a part of me and my future family's life."
Corinne, 28 years old, Toowong QLD

"I was very fortunate to win the Bio-feedback Therapy session,I immediately gave this to my mum who I thought would benefit most from this therapy.
Since then, not just that we have learned that this complex type of energy healing is available, we also have found that it has improved the general well being of the whole family.
- my mum's main issue was the menopausal symptoms and weight gain. Since the recommended 4 therapies her hunger for sweet food has diminished and she felt more energy and positivity in her daily routines. It has been great to see this shift in her.
- my little baby had her first severe flu for 3 weeks and since the two therapies, she bounced back to health!
- my sister is having her ongoing therapies for skin allergy and I look forward to seeing the results.
- I have had energy boost general well-being program, which has immediately lifted my overtired 'new-mother' body and mind.
- my father has had testings done, which have successfully identified his health concerns.
Overall as the family, we are impressed with Karen's conduct as a Bio-feedbackTherapist, her facilities are professional and she goes and extra mile to make sure that the therapy is providing positive results in ones life.
We are very fortunate that we are a generally a healthy family. However, it is a blessing to be able to call upon Karen,
have a treatment without taking any conventional drugs
Thank you Karen, we look forward to our future meetings."
Mira, Thornside, QLD

"HI THERE, my name is Kerry and would just like to let you all know who are interested in trying the BIC0M therapy please, not to waste anymore time thinking about it, give it a try you will not be disappointed, you will be amazed at the results. I've been going to Karen for the last 10 weeks for treatment. I have lost 6 kgs since I started BICOM thanks to Karen and all her on going support. thanks for taking the time to read my comments , please give Karen a call or email her I'm sure Karen will be more than happy to help."
Kerry, Capalaba QLD

"Karen has that caring and enquiring mind and personality so important in a health practitioner.
When I saw her recently the biofeedback technology was an unknown to me, and I confess I was a bit sceptical. My age and high degree of 3rd world travel make for a more difficult root cause diagnosis. It amazed me when Karen picked up, amongst many other things, toxins associated with redoing our yacht's paint, something she could not have known but she picked up! I take a lot of convincing, being a grumpy engineer, but I do believe in addressing the problem not the symptom. I recommend that if you have not been satisfied with  the "band-aid" approach of conventional treatment that you try help yourself with Karen's guidance going forward. "
Bruce Parsons, Brisbane

"After suffering with sinus problems for many years, I finally found relief using the Bicom treatments. Quite amazing that I could feel my sinuses clearing during the treatment! "
Nikki, Manly West QLD

"Last year my skin condition got really bad, especially on the back of my hands. Nothing helped until I had a few Bicom treatments. Now I don't have problems anymore."
Caitlin (10), Lota QLD

On visiting to my doctor a year ago, I was shocked to be diagnosed with high blood pressure and marginal cholesterol, the combination of which presented a high risk of future heart problems. The doctor put me on drugs to bring both down, but there were annoying side effects that affected my ability to enjoy my bushwalking. Suspecting that he was only treating the symptoms, I consulted Karen who confirmed that Bicom therapy would assist in dealing with the underlying causes. My second shock came when she identified many underlying issues, such as an accumulation of heavy metals that disrupted the proper functioning of my body. I have been treated by Karen for the last 6 months and almost all of the underlying issues have been cleared up, along with a dramatic reduction in blood pressure to normal levels, without taking any drugs! I found Karen took unusual interest in my health. She suggested a few supplements, and showed me information on the background to the problems I was suffering from. She also showed me books of recipes for a good diet that would aid my recovery, and I have lost 5 kg (that spare tyre around my middle!) in the last 3 months and my weight is in the ideal range. I have found the cost of the treatment to be very reasonable, especially when taking both the immediate benefit of reducing my blood pressure and having better vitality, and the long term benefit of being able to continue an active lifestyle without taking drugs and having all the bad side effects that hindered my ability to enjoy my recreational activities. If you have had a similar experience to me with the standard medical approach, do consider Bicom therapy with Karen."  
Mervyn, Brisbane

"I undertook BiCom therapy from Karen because I was feeling unhealthy and unfit and wanted to improve. The testing process was interesting, and while some of the imbalances identified were known to me, others were a surprise - as they related to ailments and infections that I believed I had recovered from years before. I found the treatment to be relaxing and pleasant, and always left, looking forward to the next unstressed treatment session. Over several therapy sessions, I noticed a general improvement in my health, less stiffness in my joints, and I was noticeably less stressed. My wife noticed that I was breathing easier and coughing less and that I had stopped snoring at night.
For me, BiCom therapy was not a "quickfix" solution, but rather a series of incremental improvements to long term issues, and a general improvement in my health."
Rory, Ormiston, Redland City QLD

"It is with such appreciation that I was introduced to Karen, Bicom Therapy and the wonderful rebalancing process it offers our body system.  My body responded so well to the "clearing out" of toxins that had built up over decades, causing numerous problems including general exhaustion and low thyroid function. After each treatment, I felt my energy levels increase. Overall, I was sleeping better, my appetite improved and my zest for living was renewed.  Karen is a skilled, meticulous and compassionate health practitioner, whom I highly recommend to anyone seeking wellness and real solutions to health problems."
Susan Vos, Brisbane